NTB #017 – 4/14/17  

If I don’t win you over with this hour, just wait longer. NTB’S E.T. DMT MrMUSHY Allegory Get the Fuck Out Video. With Stills., The Last Jedi teaser, Open Mic with Samurai Circle Dance/Chris Schwab, Charlie Murphy remembered and Better Call Saul Season 3 Episode 1 Recap. And Hemp. And Strike. And other sanity questioning moments.

Ace of Hearts Dog Rescue

United Helmets

First Charlie Murphy memory

The Last Jedi Teaser

I Think You’re Interesting Podcast

Joe DeRosa

Eric Justen

Stanhope on his Louie Episode

Ron & Ron Show

Industrial Hemp

NTB YT #001 – 4/13/17  

NTB #016 – 4/06/17  

RIP Don Rickles, Jarod wins Best VFX for Panopticon at the NoHo Cinefest and I blow it with the ladies, along with first audition in months. Rambling about returning to stand-up, Ron and Gail Bennington on Doug Loves Movies, Better Call Saul future recaps and Corbett Report for news. I’m hungry.

The Innocence Project

Rickles roasts Jerry Lewis

Doug Stanhope Podcast

First Stand-Up show

Bennington Show

Doug Loves Movies

The Corbett Report

Panopticon trailer

NTB #015 – 3/29/17  

Ashley Booth from the Aware Project invites me into her beautiful home to give more insight to MDMA for PTSD, DMT and much more. And thanks to buddy Chris Schwab aka Samurai Circle Dance for chauffeuring.

Heffter Research Institute

Aware Project

InnerSpace Integration

Crossroads Ibogaine

Pangea Biomedics

Willie Wonka ‘Pure Imagination’

Amend the Rave Act

Holotropic Breathing

NTB #014 – 3/26/17  

After some babbling about anarchy, finally spend a good amount of time talking about late friend Jeff ‘Oliver Madly’ Clark, the man with 9 lives that’s partly responsible for my Amanita Muscaria and other ramblings.

Angel City Pit Bulls

Shroom Tutorial

Paul Stamets – 6 ways mushrooms can save the world TED Talk

Excerpt from It’s So Easy and Other Lies with one of Jeff’s pics from Pasha Studios. He’s 2nd from the left


NTB #013 – 3/10/17  

Sherree Malcolm Godasi aka The Psychedelic Integration Coach visits Bullitt HQ and adds some much needed female perspective. And didn’t get grossed out at my magic tea pee story. Too cool.

ERIE Vision

The Psychedelic Integration Coach

InnerSpace Integration


Brazil Spiritist Movement

Psychedelic Science April 2017


NTB #012 – 3/06/17  

Being followed by Tom Konopka plus great friends, recovery and fudge. It’s also my daughter’s 16th birthday so I ramble on about her. Not as dorky as it sounds. Maybe.



Seal ‘This could be Heaven’

NTB #011 – 2/14/17  

Comic buddy Mike Chupa hangs for a bit and takes a deep dive into the Bullitt abyss. And nails it.

Inner City Law Center

Downtown Dog Rescue

Recent Chupa set

Alan Watts

NTB #010 – 2/11/17 – Pt. 2

Part 2 with Larry Hankin. More about Escape from Alcatraz, writing for The Band and Bob Dylan, leaving a bank with $35,000 in a shopping bag and Breaking Bad.

Downtown Women’s Center

Scene from Escape from Alcatraz

Scene from Breaking Bad

How to Become an Outlaw

The Last Hand

NTB #009 – 2/11/17 – Pt. 1

Guest Larry Hankin shares some history being a comic in Greenwich Village and San Fransisco, being part of The Committee Improv Troupe and Second City, playing Charley Butts in Escape from Alcatraz and a lovely breakdown.

US Basic Income Guarantee Network

Committee reunion with a classic sketch

Scene from Escape from Alcatraz

How to Become an Outlaw

The Last Hand

NTB #008 – 2/03/17

Guest Dr. Cole Marta from Interventional Psychiatry Associates and collaborator with MAPS and The Zendo Project. Talk of I Am the Cheese, MDMA for PTSD, Holy Water, Jesus was a Mushroom and Ibogaine.

The Zendo Project



Dance Safe

John Marco Allegro (Sacred Mushroom & The Cross)

I Am The Cheese article

NTB #007 – 1/25/17

1st NTB email, ‘who the fuck’ interactive, 12 years a slave to apt, Gilby Clarke interview story and yes to teaching the Bible in Science class. What?

The Children’s Ranch

John Marco Allegro (Sacred Mushroom & The Cross)

The Pharmacratic Inquisition

NTB #006 – 1/18/17

Finance/Nurse/Comic buddy Chris Schwab aka Samurai Circle Dance hangs for an hour and talks about fungus rebranding, his prostate and tripping in Amsterdam.  Dishes & Cannabis Story Time with Kitty Cat cont’d and Rona stops in with a salute to Obama.

Special Olympics So Cal

Armillaria (Honey) Mushroom

Terence McKenna how to

NTB #005 – 1/10/17

Golden Globes, more creativity in a RBE, Fun Guy Story Time cont’d, first visit from Bartholomew Joseph Stonebreaker III and a minute of Sports.

Miniature Schnauzers & Friends Rescue

NTB #004 – 1/08/17

MDMA for PTSD and Ibogaine for opiate/spiritual treatment. Stories of how Dad influenced sense of humor and career. Cannabis Story Time cont’d and a visit from Rona.


Pangea Biomedics

Here We Are Podcast

Greaseman creates a bit

NTB #003 – 1/05/17

Fun Guy Story Time continued and other bits along with thoughts of a Natural Law Resource Based Economy as a solution to poverty and our many other problems. But not as serious as that sounds.

The Zeitgeist Movement for more info and FREE Book

NTB #002 – 1/04/17

More on E.T. and other famous stories that are psychedelic. Another story time and other silliness.

NTB #001 – 1/03/17

Kickoff of the Nate the Bullitt Podcast, who we are and that E.T. was a movie about psychedelics. You read that correctly. This is serious stuff. But also not. Who’s typing this gibberish?

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